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Banners & Signs
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Correx Desplay Boards

Correx is corrugated polypropylene. It is a very lightweight material and the cheapest form of rigid signage, perfect for temporary promotional signage, such as estate agents boards, or for exhibition and building site signage (indoors and out). It can be prone to bending along the flutes when subjected to high wind.

Foamex Display Boards

Foamex is a PVC foam sheet. Don’t be misled by ‘foam’ – it acts like solid plastic. It’s dense and has a smooth finish, is strong and water proof, and can be used both indoors and out. Foamex is sturdy but affordable.

Di-Bond Display Boards

Dibond is an aluminium composite sheet. It consists of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminium. Dibond is very strong, wind resistant and weatherproof, so it will last for years and is ideal for shop and fascia signage, events and exhibitions.

Outdoor Banners

Any Size . Any Design . Any Quantity
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440gsm PVC Standard Banner-Grade Material

Our industry standard outdoor/indoor banner material. Can be used for all types of displays from outdoor poster displays to large advertising banners. This is the most popular material.

Bespoke knitted polyester flag material 117gsm polyester

Lightweight and durable for indoor/outdoor Hemmed only.

Ideally suited for use in tens. systems this material is a front-lit banner-grade indoor/outdoor PVC.

340gsm Mesh PVC Banner Material • 340gsm Mesh Material

Predominantly used for large banners and building wraps where it’s important that air be allowed to flow through the banner stopping the ‘sail effect’ associated with standard PVC. A Premium Coated Mesh material that will allow the air to flow through.

740gsm Heavy-Duty Blockout Material

Ideally suited for double sided print (you won’t get any ‘show through of image, this material is so thick we don’t hem it.
Pop-Up Disply Units
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For a more long-term or frequent use roller banner, upgrade to our premium version – with a heavy duty base featuring hidden legs and a tough support mechanism, Premium Roller Banners are built to last.
800mm x 2000mm
850mm x 2000mm
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