Visit a Photocopy Shop and Avoid the Common Printing Mistakes

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Every professional working in a reputed photocopy shop is aware of the fact that avoiding common printing mistakes is quite easy. Professionals have learned from their errors and so letting them take care of your printing needs is always a wise decision than trying a DIY. A bit of research and knowledge is all you need to avoid the common errors. You can get impressive results if high-quality printed materials are used and the common printing mistakes stated below are avoided. Avoiding mistakes will also help you save time and money.

5 Common Printing Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Insufficient Bleed

You can’t expect your printing services to be of the highest standard if you don’t allow sufficient bleed in the design. A bleed section should be included when designing a document for print. This will help you avoid the white strips seen along the edge of the print work. It should be at least 3mm. More bleed room should be allowed if the item has a large format. Faulty full-bleed design is considered to be one of the primary causes of delayed printing.

2. Spelling Mistakes

Spelling mistakes are quite common as people often overlook spelling and grammar errors. Even a small spelling error in your printing material can become a barrier for your marketing strategies. Your potential customers might start questioning your professionalism. If you want them to trust your business, visit a renowned photocopy shop where the spellings will be double-checked. You will have more peace of mind when numerous people review and proofread the same document.

3. Bad Image Resolution

The impact of the image resolution is something which can never be neglected. The image will not be clear, crisp and of good quality, if the image’s resolution is too low.  If you ever feel that a photocopy shop is using improper image resolution, it’s time you start looking for someone more experienced. Professionals try to choose an image with an average solution of 300 to 400 ppi.

4. Using Wrong Images

If you think that you can use any random image to fulfil your business printing needs, then you will need to rethink. You should be capable of converting the images you are using to CMYK. People without prior experience in choosing images for printing should first visit a reputed photocopy shop in Croydon and talk with the professional. Not only do they know how to convert the files but can even help you get the exact colour match according to your project requirement.

5. Using Colours For Monochrome Images

Even if you like colourful images instead of the black and white ones, saving images as colour when they are actually black and white is a strict no-no! If the images are not properly identified and saved, they might receive colour while printing. A majority of the printing mistakes occur when proper file saving method or colour variations are not used.

Since you are now aware of the common printing mistakes, it’s time you choose a renowned photocopy shop and avoiding them will become easier