Know More About Full-Colour Printing And Photocopying Services

Colour Flyer Printing Croydon

One of the primary reasons why people prefer full-colour printing is because a full spectrum of colours is used to print your documents. Not only does it make the documents more colourful and beautiful which is attractive to the eye. Technology has become quite advanced nowadays and the method used for full-colour printing has also become refined. Nowadays, differentiating between a photocopied document and the original document is a difficult task. Look for a reputed company offering photocopying services near you and they will print photos and documents in a wide variety of colours.

Theory Of Three-Colour Vision

The three-colour vision theory is based on how our eyes see various colours or the method of colour reproduction. A unique feature of the white colour is that it contains three primary colours and the wavelengths of all visible light. Red, green and blue are the three primary colours which are often referred to as RGB by professionals offering printing services. They are also known as additive primaries as these colours when added together produce the white colour. The theory of three-colour vision is considered to be the base of full-colour printing.

The Process Of Colour Separation

The process of colour separation and how we see through our eyes is more or less the same. In other words, we see the original image in three filters with each of them corresponding to the additive primary colour. We see in layers and our eyes can distinguish colours by separating the layers. Visit a reputed company in Croydon offering photocopying services and you will know the exact process of colour separation during printing.

The Process Of Full-Colour Printing 

Full-colour printing and photography works the same way. A camera works when a red filter is placed over the lens which helps in producing a negative of all the red light. During the full-colour printing process, three colours are created which are known as subtractive primaries. Each of these colours represents two additive primaries. Inks used in colour printing machines act as filters as they subtract and filter some portion of the white light. Other colours are produced when the image strikes on paper. Since the inks used during printing services are transparent, they allow light to pass through them and reflect off the paper base.

These being said, you now know how the process of full-colour printing works. Experienced companies like Expresscopy even offer the service at reasonable rates.