Few Features You Can Expect from High-Quality Printers

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If you want quality printing services, make sure you choose a reputable company offering it. Expresscopy is a company that can help you choose the right type of printer according to your printing needs. They strive to give 100% customer satisfaction as they value the reputation earned by them over the years and use high-quality printers. The demand for high-quality printers which can print fine and smooth details is always high so they always consider the functionality aspects of the machine they are using.

Using Printers in Croydon? 3 Features To Look For

1. Compatibility

Almost all the printers used in Expresscopy come with the right drivers compatible with their computer and operating system. If required, they even install driver software so that the printer can communicate easily with the application software. To provide uninterrupted services, they connect the device to their office LAN.

2. Quality Of Ink

One of the primary things to look for when using printers in Croydon is the quality of the ink used. Expresscopy uses inkjet technology. Printers are in constant use throughout the day. Unless quality ink is used, it can’t produce thousands of square meters of print every day. Any issues with ink can affect the print quality or stop print production entirely.

3. Speed And Paper Handling Capacity

Check the number of photos or pages a printer can produce and compare it with your printing needs. If you want to print numerous colour photos, check its photo printing speed. You should also ensure that the machine can handle all your paper needs and expand if required to accommodate your growth. If you don’t have bulk printing needs, you can use one with input capacity of less than 200 pages.

If you want to use a high-quality printer with all the latest features, get in touch with the experts at Expresscopy and fulfil all your printing needs.

Tips For The Right Paper For Printed Flyers

Printed Flyers

If you are looking for flyers which are printed to the best standard, make sure you choose the right company for flyer printing. You can promote an event in a tangible way with printed flyers. How you are designing and printing them will determine whether your customers will read it to get more information. If you are not sure about the type of paper you should use, get in touch with Express copy. They can cater to all your printing requirements.

Events And The Type Of Paper You Need

1. Advertising

Printed flyers are widely used for various advertising purposes. Choose lightweight paper as they are convenient for distribution. Though being lightweight, they should have an adequate thickness so that they are sturdy. The paper you are using for advertisement should not crinkle. Since you will hand out the leaflets to numerous people, consider its price as well.

2. Trade Shows

The 170 gm flyers are often referred to as business flyers as they are generally used by customers for trade shows and fairs. They are thicker than the standard printing paper. They are quite sturdy so you don’t have to worry about the paper crinkling. The type of paper you choose for trade show flyers will render it a professional feel and look.

3. Hospitality

If you want to print flyers for the hospitality or retail industry, choose 250 gm flyers. They are almost 3 times thicker than printing paper. Not only are they robust and nice but it also offers a luxurious feel to your hand. The paper’s weight is ideal for printing important messages.

Since you are now aware of the various types of paper used for various events, it’s time you get in touch with Expresscopy for professional-looking printed flyers.

Few Designing Tips To Make Your Business Flyer More Professional

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Want to promote your goods or services effectively? Get in touch with a reputable company offering printing services near you. They will ensure that your Christmas promotional flyers are both eye-catching and stylish.

The majority of printing shops let their customers choose from numerous flyer design templates. Companies like Expresscopy are still open in this pandemic and offering uninterrupted printing services. If you want to promote your business successfully with a flyer, choose a design which will help you attract the attention of your target audience.

4 Designing Tips

1. Reason for the flyer

The objective is to attract your audience’s attention so they pick up the flyer and look at it. The information should be clear and concise if you want to render it a professional look. The attention span of readers is always short. You should review the flyer at the end of the designing process.

2. Layout Space

One of the biggest challenges faced by companies offering colour printing is to design a professional-looking flyer with limited print space. You have to be a bit creative when designing the layout as they are printed in standard A5 or A6 page size. You can put clusters of information in grid boxes in corners of the flyer to create space and dimension.

3. Don’t Be Bland

Being bland is a curse when it comes to flyer printing or t-shirt printing. Choose the right company for printing services and they will transform the bland design into something more brilliant. Sometimes, your business flyers just need a touch of colour. Experiment with bold tones like sea blues, sunny yellows or hot pink. If you are organising a party, festival or exhibition during Christmas, try to inject it with the spirit of the event. Choose an informal and attention-seeking design.

4. Add The Tech Appeal

With the advancement in technology, bringing tech appeal to your business flyers has now become easier. You can now use them to advertise products or services bought online. With hundreds of companies moving their business online, consumers have started interacting with brands through apps and websites. You can include the element of interactivity even when designing a flyer which you are planning to place on a display stand.

Get in touch with Expresscopy and follow the designing tips stated above when creating a professional business flyer.