Glossy or Matte? Time To Choose The Best Printing Finish

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One of the most challenging tasks for business owners using professional printing services is to choose between glossy or matte printing finish. They have a direct impact on the appearance of your official documents, especially if you are printing images for your presentation. Visit any reputed shop offering photo printing in Croydon and they will let you choose from a wide variety of glossy and matte finishes for your printing needs. It will be easier for you to choose one if you are aware of the benefits offered by each.

About Glossy Printing Finish

Have you seen a photograph shimmering in the light? All images printed in the glossy paper have a reflective sheen of their own. It captures the light which falls on it and bounces it back to the viewer. Since glossy paper is more attractive to look at, they are widely preferred when printing official documents and images.

Few More Reasons To Use Glossy Paper For Printing

1. It is easier to make a statement with glossy prints as its colours and tones are vibrant and bold.

2. Though glossy paper has a smooth surface, they help in adding clarity to an image. Use the paper to print pictures and you will notice that the edges are sharper and more defined.

3. Text or images printed on glossy paper are more attractive than matte paper.

4. Visit a reputed printing shop like Expresscopy and they will offer a wide variety of glosses for you to choose from. The demand for both subdued lustre and ultra-glossy metallic prints are high.

When Should You Choose Glossy Printing Finish?

Glossy prints can easily enhance the appeal of printed photos. Not only does its details become crisp but the tones also look nice on the monitor’s screen. Use bold colours when printing images on glossy paper and you can expect high-resolution images. If you are using printers in Croydon to print promotional materials, use glossy paper and grab the attention of your target audience. Glossy prints are ‘loud’ and ‘expressive’.

About Matte Printing Finish

Though there are so many benefits of using glossy printing finish, the demand for matte paper is also quite high. After all, business owners don’t want all the images they are printing to be slick and shiny. The uneven surfaces offered by matte photos help in scattering light rather than reflecting it.

Few More Reasons To Use Matte Paper For Printing

1. Since the shine of glossy paper is missing in matte paper, the prints are easy to view under various light sources.

2. The uneven surfaces don’t pick up scratches easily which makes the paper more durable.

3. You can handle them with ease as they don’t absorb fingerprints.

4. The texture of the matte paper helps in enhancing the appeal of a photograph. As far as the look of the final product is concerned, it is dependent on the thickness of the paper.

5. Since you are now aware of all the benefits offered by glossy and matte printing finish, it’s time you choose one and visit a reputed printing shop.