5 Reasons To Include Printed Flyers In Your Promotional Campaigns

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If you want to ensure the long-term success of your business, make sure you craft a well-designed marketing and promotional strategy. Effective promotion is an integral part of every business. If you want to make it affordable as well, include printed flyers in your promotional campaign. With numerous companies offering flyer printing services scattered all over Croydon, you don’t have to exceed your marketing budget. The flyers are considered to be one of the most effective and oldest mediums of promotion. It will help your business reach maximum customers if you are launching a new product in the market.

Few Benefits Of Using Printed Flyers For Promotions

Reach Audience Easily

Many business owners consider printed flyers to be one of the easiest ways of promoting their business. Visit a reputed printing shop like Expresscopy and they will help you choose a unique design for the flyers. Print and distribute those on the streets, door to door or in parks. You can even insert them in newspapers to reach the maximum audience.

Explore Your Creative Side

Since attracting customers becomes easier with creativity, you can explore your creative side through flyer printing. Choose unique designs and write the content in a creative way. The objective should be on helping your readers see the message correctly and make the flyer stand out in the crowd.


Since printed flyers are tangible, customers can carry them physically. When you hand over the flyer to someone in the mall or street, the first thing they will do is take a glimpse at the paper. They will read the content only if they find the design to be attractive. It is always advisable to choose a reputed company for flyer printing in Croydon as a well-designed flyer will have a better impact on your customers. They will decide whether they will read the flyer any further or not depending on its uniqueness.

Include Incentives

If your budget permits, include incentives in the flyers for your customers. For example, you can include gift vouchers or coupon codes. Not only will it help in creating brand awareness but you can also reach more customers. The incentives will act as a catalyst in your promotional activities. If you are launching a new product, offer some discounts and the person reading the voucher will become interested in your brand. He might even discuss the deals with his friends and promote your brand by word of mouth.


Though there are various ways you can promote your goods and services, business owners prefer including printed flyers in their promotional campaigns as it is affordable. Promotional methods like paid digital ads or billboards can punch a hole in your pocket. On the other hand, a printing shop doesn’t charge a high price. Just make sure that the one you are approaching is known for offering professional and quality printing services.

Since there are so many benefits of including printed flyers in your promotional campaigns, it’s time you start looking for a reputable printing shop.

Glossy or Matte? Time To Choose The Best Printing Finish

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One of the most challenging tasks for business owners using professional printing services is to choose between glossy or matte printing finish. They have a direct impact on the appearance of your official documents, especially if you are printing images for your presentation. Visit any reputed shop offering photo printing in Croydon and they will let you choose from a wide variety of glossy and matte finishes for your printing needs. It will be easier for you to choose one if you are aware of the benefits offered by each.

About Glossy Printing Finish

Have you seen a photograph shimmering in the light? All images printed in the glossy paper have a reflective sheen of their own. It captures the light which falls on it and bounces it back to the viewer. Since glossy paper is more attractive to look at, they are widely preferred when printing official documents and images.

Few More Reasons To Use Glossy Paper For Printing

1. It is easier to make a statement with glossy prints as its colours and tones are vibrant and bold.

2. Though glossy paper has a smooth surface, they help in adding clarity to an image. Use the paper to print pictures and you will notice that the edges are sharper and more defined.

3. Text or images printed on glossy paper are more attractive than matte paper.

4. Visit a reputed printing shop like Expresscopy and they will offer a wide variety of glosses for you to choose from. The demand for both subdued lustre and ultra-glossy metallic prints are high.

When Should You Choose Glossy Printing Finish?

Glossy prints can easily enhance the appeal of printed photos. Not only does its details become crisp but the tones also look nice on the monitor’s screen. Use bold colours when printing images on glossy paper and you can expect high-resolution images. If you are using printers in Croydon to print promotional materials, use glossy paper and grab the attention of your target audience. Glossy prints are ‘loud’ and ‘expressive’.

About Matte Printing Finish

Though there are so many benefits of using glossy printing finish, the demand for matte paper is also quite high. After all, business owners don’t want all the images they are printing to be slick and shiny. The uneven surfaces offered by matte photos help in scattering light rather than reflecting it.

Few More Reasons To Use Matte Paper For Printing

1. Since the shine of glossy paper is missing in matte paper, the prints are easy to view under various light sources.

2. The uneven surfaces don’t pick up scratches easily which makes the paper more durable.

3. You can handle them with ease as they don’t absorb fingerprints.

4. The texture of the matte paper helps in enhancing the appeal of a photograph. As far as the look of the final product is concerned, it is dependent on the thickness of the paper.

5. Since you are now aware of all the benefits offered by glossy and matte printing finish, it’s time you choose one and visit a reputed printing shop.

3 Ways A Printing Company Can Reduce Paper Usage

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With the popularity of electronic marketing media increasing, people thought that paper usage would decrease. It was a misconception as the demand for paper was and is still quite high. Though paper is biodegradable, it is a top waste product for businesses. In fact, almost 50% of business waste generated from all over the world comprises of paper. No wonder, the focus of every printing company is on reducing the usage of paper. Choose someone reputed for your printing needs and you can take the first step towards less waste paper generation.

Few Strategies Implemented By Printing Companies To Reduce Paper Usage

1. Print Preview

One of the primary benefits of previewing a page before printing it is that you can check the alignment and layout. If you notice that the margins are uneven or the photo has been cut off, you can make the necessary changes before printing the page. Double-checking the pages will reduce the need for re-prints. You will also notice that on the final page of the web pages there are a few unnecessary lines. When you preview the print, you can remove the pages you don’t need and save paper.

2. Print On Both Sides

One of the easiest ways to save money on printing in Croydon is by printing on both sides of the page. The company you have approached for printing services might also advise you to choose double-sided print as it helps in saving paper. In fact, you can cut your paper usage by almost half. A majority of the modern printers allow you to print double-sided. You can select the option from the printer settings menu. If you are using an advanced printer in Croydon, you can set it as a default feature for all your future printing.

3. Print Many Pages On One Sheet

Not only can you save paper by printing double-sided, but you can also print many pages on one sheet. Combine both and you can reduce your paper usage significantly. The feature is widely used by businessmen when printing presentation slides. Avoid using this function when printing text documents as the text might become too small for you to understand. Visit an experienced company like Expresscopy and they will let you print almost 2 to 8 pages on one sheet.

Time to follow the tips stated above and you can reduce paper usage when printing official documents.

4 Copier Mistakes to Avoid If You Want To Save Money

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Though every company require photocopying services sooner or later, outsourcing the task to a photocopy shop is always a wise decision than purchasing a new copier. Purchasing the wrong photocopy machine will not only waste your money but even your office space. The best alternative is to approach a renowned photocopy shop and they will take care of your printing requirements.

A majority of the shops offering photocopy services in and around Croydon has years of experience in the industry and excels in copying, printing and scanning documents. You can save a lot of money and time as you don’t have to worry about the photocopying process, equipment cost and staffing. Their team also has years of industry presence and are aware of the common mistakes people generally make when choosing photocopy services.

Thinking Of A Photocopy Copier? Avoid These Mistakes and Save Money  

1. Not Considering The Machine’s Colour Capability

The colour copy and print capability differ from one photocopy machine to another. Though you can easily print the pictures using the machine, you might not get the exact colour you want if they are not strategically placed. Whether you should use a black and white copier or one with four colour flexibility is completely dependent on your needs and budget. The cost of a coloured print-out is definitely more than a monochrome copy. If you are making numerous photocopies of the same image, you can choose for both the variety and you will know the difference.

 2. Choosing The Wrong Photocopy Machine

This mistake is generally made by companies who buy photocopy machines for their office instead of outsourcing the task to a reputed photocopy shop. The printing capability of every photocopy machine differs. The cost of high-speed printing equipment is generally more. You need to choose one which matches your printing requirements. Investing in fast equipment is advisable only if your company has huge printing requirements. If you are willing to invest in the right machine, conduct a full analysis of the equipment and its features.

 3. Using More Ink

Almost every photocopy shop in Croydon charges a bit more for coloured print-outs because it includes the cost of the ink and service cost. Photocopy machines with colour printing capability have the tendency to print everything in colour. For example, if you are printing an email, you will notice that even the website link in it is printed in a blue colour. A bit of colour will also be there in the memo template. Though a full-colour the presentation looks great, stay prepared to fill more ink. You will be surprised to know that the cost of a coloured photocopy is almost 10 times more than its black and white counterpart.

 4. Not Choosing The Right Service Provider

With so many photocopy shops scattered all over Croydon, choosing the best among them is indeed a daunting task. The best you can do is to hire someone with years of experience and they will use the best printers so you can get cost-effective printing services. They should also let you choose from single or double-sided templates to suit your design needs. The finishing services should be of the highest standards. Instead of choosing one offering expensive printing services, consider the quality of the printed documents.

These being said, make sure you avoid the mistakes stated above and you can prevent overspending on photocopy services.