Know Why Photo Printing Is A Blessing In The Digital Era

Know Why Photo Printing Is A Blessing In The Digital Era

The popularity of photo printing has enhanced drastically in the last few years. Billions of people all over the world are using smartphones. They click almost trillions of pictures every day. The value of a print can never be ignored, especially during the digital age. Since the quality of printed photos is more important than the quantity, make sure you choose a reputed company for photo printing in Croydon. They use the latest inkjet printers with advanced technology.

Photo Printing Is A Part Of Digital Trends

To outshine their peers in the digital age, companies are trying to include photo printing in their digital marketing strategies. With the advancement in technology, the method used in printing shops has enhanced drastically. The number of magazines produced is constant since 2008, so there won’t be a decline in the print media. As far as the publication of books is concerned, the target is on achieving a higher quality print. It is the responsibility of the print shop to select quality paper and printing process.

Printing Is Safer Than Storing Digital Files

The easiest way you can archive your images permanently is by printing them. According to a survey conducted recently, printing images is always a safer option than storing digital files. There is a chance that computers might not be able to read the photos you are clicking today if the digital archives get modernised. Choose a reputed company like Expresscopy for quality photo printing, you can expect high-quality printed photos which can last for years. Printed copies will give you more peace of mind that digital backups.

Showcase Your Art With Quality Photo Printing

Printed photos have a logical side as almost every photo has some emotion in them. The higher the quality of a photo is, it becomes more mesmerising. Holding the finished print is more satisfying than seeing a photo on your mobile. Every tangible printed photo is a permanent product of your hard work. You can frame it, mount it on the wall and display it with pride.

Attract More Customers

Include a few photos in your company brochures and magazines and attracting the attention of potential customers will become easier. Though printing monochrome photos are affordable, colourful images are more attractive. The psychology of colour will have a positive impact on your marketing and branding efforts. It will motivate your customers to engage more actively.

3 Ways A Printing Company Can Reduce Paper Usage

3 Ways A Printing Company Can Reduce Paper Usage

With the popularity of electronic marketing media increasing, people thought that paper usage would decrease. It was a misconception as the demand for paper was and is still quite high. Though paper is biodegradable, it is a top waste product for businesses. In fact, almost 50% of business waste generated from all over the world comprises of paper. No wonder, the focus of every printing company is on reducing the usage of paper. Choose someone reputed for your printing needs and you can take the first step towards less waste paper generation.

Few Strategies Implemented By Printing Companies To Reduce Paper Usage

1. Print Preview

One of the primary benefits of previewing a page before printing it is that you can check the alignment and layout. If you notice that the margins are uneven or the photo has been cut off, you can make the necessary changes before printing the page. Double-checking the pages will reduce the need for re-prints. You will also notice that on the final page of the web pages there are a few unnecessary lines. When you preview the print, you can remove the pages you don’t need and save paper.

2. Print On Both Sides

One of the easiest ways to save money on printing in Croydon is by printing on both sides of the page. The company you have approached for printing services might also advise you to choose double-sided print as it helps in saving paper. In fact, you can cut your paper usage by almost half. A majority of the modern printers allow you to print double-sided. You can select the option from the printer settings menu. If you are using an advanced printer in Croydon, you can set it as a default feature for all your future printing.

3. Print Many Pages On One Sheet

Not only can you save paper by printing double-sided, but you can also print many pages on one sheet. Combine both and you can reduce your paper usage significantly. The feature is widely used by businessmen when printing presentation slides. Avoid using this function when printing text documents as the text might become too small for you to understand. Visit an experienced company like Expresscopy and they will let you print almost 2 to 8 pages on one sheet.

Time to follow the tips stated above and you can reduce paper usage when printing official documents.

Hire Local Printing Company in Croydon – The Best Support for Your Business

Be it the cash memos or the brochures or the annual calendars of the company – your business needs professional and reliable printing services to run the operations smoothly.

Be it the cash memos or the brochures or the annual calendars of the company – your business needs professional and reliable printing services to run the operations smoothly. From advertising a new product to keeping the accounting records; the impact of printing service in a business is huge. Hiring a professional local printing company in Croydon can help you to create a strong business reputation and to achieve your long term goals in business too.

Through hiring a local and experienced printing company, you can explore a plethora of benefits for your business. Their unique service and dedicated team effort can help you to stand out from the crowd in your respective industry.

Be it the cash memos or the brochures or the annual calendars of the company – your business needs professional and reliable printing services to run the operations smoothly.

Benefits of Hiring a Local Printing Company

Get Professional Touch
These companies are highly professional in their services. They maintain their standard to keep their clients happy. Hence, you can enjoy the desired professional touch in all your printing works done by these experts. From creating an effective design for your business to giving it the identity of your brand – they can use their expertise in every aspect of printing.

Flawless Results

Most of the professional printing companies use advanced tools and best methods to offer flawless results to their clients. They have special teams to execute each step of the printing job perfectly. Moreover, they check the quality of their works before final delivery. Therefore, you can be sure about the flawless professional service from these printers in Croydon.

Quick and Efficient Service

Since they are the local service providers; you can communicate with them faster than ever. These companies are popular for offering quick and efficient services to their local clients. Whether you need business cards, brochures or flyers – these companies can deliver you the products on the right time without any hassle.

Most Reliable Service

Being a local company, you can trust them more than a company that is located outside your region. You know where the company is located and can visit the place anytime you want. The printing company also wishes to keep their reputation intact among its local clients. Hence, they never delay in delivery or provide poor quality services to the local companies.

Expresscopy is your most trusted local printing company in Croydon. Please get in touch with us to get flawless printing services for your business.

5 Reasons Why T-Shirt Printing is Popular

tshirt banner

T-shirts are not only the style statement that you should follow to become a fashion-conscious individual in this modern time; it is also a great way to promote your business, brand and ideas. Yes, we are talking about t-shirt printing. Printed t-shirts with a specific brand name, quotes or logo can be considered as a great way to promote a certain business and ideas to a huge number of people. It can be a great marketing strategy for various industries. This is the reason the demand for t-shirt printing services Croydon has becomes popular in 2020.

Why Printed T-Shirts Are in Trend

Brand Promotion

Put the logo or use the brand name on the t-shirts in a creative way. Nothing can be more attractive and creative than this. The idea is considered as a simple yet powerful method of grabbing the attention of potential customers. People will easily notice your brand name and logo on the t-shirt which makes them popular overnight.

The craze for TV Series and Films

Whether it is Game of Throne or the Big Bang Theory or the Avengers: Endgame – there are fans of these immensely popular shows and movies all over the world. They love to wear t-shirts that have images of their favourite series, films characters and scenes. The production houses often hire printing companies to print t-shirts that contain these images as a part of their post-production promotional strategies.

Improve Customer Loyalty

In this present time of a highly competitive market, it is very difficult to obtain loyal customers, printed t-shirts that can improve customer loyalty. You can arrange events or contests where printed t-shirts will be offered to your loyal customers that will have the logo and the brand name of your business. Your customers will feel special by having such amazing gifts from your company.

Make a Difference

The fashion-conscious population are always ready to welcome something unique and intriguing in the world of fashion. Instead of wearing the same old designs, they would love to wear custom print t-shirts. Some of them even draw the designs on their own and hire the top companies that provide reliable printing services Croydon to get the printing job done. This makes their style statement unique and different from the rest of the world.

No matter what is your motto of having printed t-shirts, Expresscopy is right here to offer you matchless and affordable t-shirt printing services. Please contact us for more details.

6 Ways Printing Service Can Improve Your Business

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Every smart owner chooses several ways to reach their goals in business. They understand the importance of maintaining a professional appearance to promote brand awareness. Printing plays a vital role in this process. A professional and reliable printing service can make it easier for you to project a perfect image of your brand in front of your customers and potential partners. High-quality printers in Croydon can help you to improve your business to a great extent.

Let’s see how printers or printing experts can influence the appearance of your business.

Most Effective Ways Printing Services Can Help Your Business

1. Attract the Customers

The main reason for using a printing service is to get the attention of potential customers towards a certain product, information, service or brand. High-quality printed ads are able to create a mind-blowing impression among the viewers, and you can attract them easily. Hence, the brand becomes more popular because of printed advertisements.

2. Make Your Brand Stronger

This is the era of the internet, and the power of digital advertisement is huge. However, in this age of the internet, the impact of conventional printed advertisement is still quite significant. It is effective in making your brand stronger than ever. High-quality banners, brochures, posters, visiting cards or corporate calendars can help you to make a strong position for your brand in the current market.

3. Different Types of Products

A professional and experienced printing company will provide you with a wide range of patterns of the printed products. From posters to the banners and from the hoardings to the visiting cards.  You can choose any or all of these types of printing patterns to promote your business and achieve a higher clientele.

4. Save You Time and Money

Though you can hire in-house printing experts and install the best quality printers at your home to save the cost, some printing companies offer their expertise at affordable rates. These companies often offer a number of printing solutions at a reasonable price to the individuals as well as the businesses. You can choose them as per your needs and budget. You should check their reputation and printing qualities before hiring the same. Their professional service can save you time and money.

5. Improve Business Relationship

With the best printing services, you can easily build up a strong relationship with your clients and partners. While you can attract potential partners by presenting eye-catchy printing solutions, you can also improve your business relationship with your existing clients and partners. Your printed ads will make people believe in your company, vision and goals. Hence, they would prefer to trust your brand more than ever.

6. Get More Visibility

For a business, nothing is more crucial than getting maximum visibility. A professional and top-quality printing solution can help you in this matter. You can achieve more visibility because printed advertisements can reach to more people than the other mediums. People can see the banners, posters or the hoardings and the brochures everywhere in the city which grab their attention and they want to know more about your business.

Expresscopy is a leading brand of printing services in Croydon. We are involved in conventional as well as digital printing. Please give us a call to know in detail about our services and rates.

How is Print Marketing Relevant in the Contemporary World?

printing services in Croydon

When it is about the outreach of the companies, print is still the medium that lies at the top of the marketing funnel. Print can gain the attention of the potential customers at locations which are even beyond the reach of the various digital media. Here is a short overview of the viability of print in the contemporary era backed by technological advancements. You will surely look for an efficient provider of printing services in Croydon once you realise the effectiveness.

Top Three Advantages of Print Marketing

Variable Data Printing (VDP)

It is one of the most unique and productive ways to reach out the potential customers. It is the best option to print graphics, images, and texts distinctively. It uses the information from the comprehensive database and offers a smooth transition from one printed piece to another. It utilises the abilities of digital print devices and computer data software to create full coloured high-quality documents. The quality of the end product can be well compared with the quality offered by the conventional offset press.

A Boost to the E-Commerce platform

Although print and digital marketing seem to be poles apart, in reality, they go hand in hand. Although catalogues are the once-upon-a-time print essentials, they are still very much in existence. The businesses even gain considerable advantages by using specialised interactive brochures, postcards. It is better to showcase the brand and logo of the company as often as possible. This, no doubt, improves the appearance of the brand and gives rise to a concrete marketing strategy.

Help you get noticed

Print media bears a personal touch. The customer can see and hold it. Sending out a thousand emails in a day might seem monotonous against offering a customised business card to your potential customer. It will no doubt etch a long-lasting mark in the mind of the receiver.

A Few Essential Print Media to Help Your Brand Earn Recognition

Business Cards: It is one of the most inexpensive yet most powerful print media to create the first impression. It is a swift step to initiate the brand recognition regime.

Brochures: They are yet other simple yet economical marketing tools highlighting the specific range of products or services you are offering.

Postcards: If you are operating on a tight budget, the postcard marketing campaign is just the element you need to reach out to your target audience quickly. The postcards are designed by incorporating the logo, slogan, and colour scheme followed by your brand and stand out as a great promotional tool if used effectively.

Door Hangers: It is the highly targeted, accessible, affordable, and quick way to get your message in the right hands.

Bookmarks: It is a cost-effective option to spread the name of your business amidst a broad audience base. It helps to drive positive ROI.

Presentation Folders: Printing the custom presentation folder is another great way to put up a professional image of your business. They are used to circulate the promotional materials and handouts during trade shows or meetings.

Expresscopy can be your trusted partner offering active printing service in Croydon. It will undoubtedly play a significant role in making your brand known to a broader audience base.

Choose the Best Printing Services after Evaluating the Print Quality

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There has been a recent increase in the number of business owners outsourcing their printing needs to renowned print companies in Croydon. Almost every company has printing needs irrespective of its size or type of business. Develop a good relationship with the printing company and you can avail great discounts when outsourcing work in bulk. Choosing the right company offering high-quality printing services is a must if you want to print an image with elaborate photos and elegant text. Evaluating the print quality will help you reap all the benefits offered by professional printing services.

4 Points To Consider When Evaluating Print Quality

1. Colours

The first thing you have to do is to evaluate the colour if you want to assess the quality of a printed image. Compare the printed picture with the original image. The easiest way to check the quality of the colour is by comparing the resolution of both the images. Instead of checking whether the colours are bright or faded, analyse their balance. If they are more or less similar, you can assume that you have approached the right printing company. An image printed on a good machine will have proper colour balance.

2. Sharpness

If you don’t want the text in your printed paper to look distorted or blurred, look for a company where images are printed with a good level of sharpness. Text with blurry lines or halo effects on objects means that the print outcome is not of good quality. Check the pixels per inch (PPI) of the image. A lower value will only sharpen the edge pixels, while a high value will sharpen even the broader band of pixels.

3. Flawless

We can be assured that you have approached the right company for printing services in Croydon if the printed paper is flawless and spot-free. Images will develop small pots, streaks, grains and band if they are using a faulty printer. The overall image quality will be good if the print is clean and fresh.

4. Minor Details

Every renowned printing company value the reputation earned by them over the years and never compromise on printing minute details. Every single feature in the original image should be present in the printed one as well. You should be surprised to notice even the smallest details. These details are quite important as they can make an image stand out. No wonder, when considering the small details when evaluating print quality is very important

Choose a Reputed Printing Company

It is always advisable to approach a reputed printing company if you want to assure good print quality. Explore their range of products and choose one which fits your printing needs. Some even offer special discounts for students. They should be a one-stop solution for all your printing needs. A majority of the companies in Croydon use a different range of printers capable of producing a plethora of qualities like glossy, matte and others. Every type of services offered by them should look professional.

Leaflet Distribution-An Effective Way to Promote Local Businesses

printing services in Croydon

Are you on the lookout for a more practical approach to promoting your local business? Or, are you launching or scaling a small scale business? Partnering with a reputable printing company which offers leaflet printing services in Croydon, will be an informed decision. Trust us; leaflet distribution is a great way to keep your brand name fresh in the minds of customers.

There’s absolutely no denying the fact that social media marketing is the most popular way of advertising businesses. However, it doesn’t mean that well-executed physical marketing campaigns cannot be beneficial. Even though there are many modern alternatives, the leaflet is advantageous for businesses, even in this digital age. Regardless of what kind of products or services you offer, leaflets are a great way to attract new customers.

Here’re the major reasons why leaflets are a great promotional tool.

5 Reasons to Promote Your Business with Professional Leaflet Printing Services

1. Targets Potential Audience

One of the many reasons why leaflet distribution is still effective, is that it helps in targeting potential audience. Leaflets makes businesses choose the most responsive audience of their campaign. These allow you to closely look to the demographic/geographic factors and decide where to distribute leaflets for better response. Moreover, with leafleting, you can find customers who are intrigued by your services or products.

2. Flexibility To Customise Leaflets

When it comes to deciding on the theme and design of leaflets, businesses have great flexibility. Depending on what your business objectives are, you can choose the design, shape and material the way you want. Unlike other marketing forms, leaflets can be customised without draining budget and also have a great design. Also, you have the adaptability of customising your leaflet.

printing services

3. Quick & Easy To Produce

A major reason to go for leaflet distribution is that you won’t have much to research for creating your leaflet. You can simply hire leaflet specialists who offer printing services in Croydon to design your leaflet quickly. By using their specialised tools and equipment, professionals can design your leaflets just the way you want. What’s more, you will get leaflets within a specified time.

4. Eco-Friendly Approach

Lets’ be honest. As a small business owner, you won’t have the budget of thousands of pounds for promotion. Unlike other forms of advertising, leaflet distribution is an affordable way of increasing your brand awareness. This means that you will be able to target potential customers without denting your wallet.  So, investing in leaflets is the ideal way to promote your business within a tight budget.

Keep Your Printing Costs Low With 4 Easy Tips

printing costs

One of the main reasons why people still prefer printed documents in today’s world of smartphones and computers is that the former is easier to read than the content available on the screen. It is not just around reading but people can even edit, correct and mark information easily on paper. No wonder, printed documents are still being widely used by business owners for marketing their brand.

If you are also willing to include them in your marketing strategies but have not yet approached a printing agency just because you think that the service is too expensive, it is time to think again. Not only are there numerous companies in Croydon offering printing services at competitive prices but you can also follow a few easy tips to keep your printing costs low.

Need Printing Services In Croydon? Few Tips To Keep The Cost Low

1. Print Only What’s Required

The easiest way to keep your printing costs low is by printing only what’s necessary. For example, if you are planning to print some legal documents, first check the modalities and legal retention periods for the tax-relevant documents. If you are planning to print all the tax documents and file them as a necessary precaution, ask the company offering printing services in Croydon whether they can give you special discounts for bulk printing.

2. Invest In Right Cartridges And Toners

Though printer cartridges and toners are available in various versions, it is your responsibility to invest in the right model if you want to keep your printing costs low. Though the XL and HC ink variants are a bit expensive, they help a great deal in reducing printing costs per page. If you feel that buying printer cartridges and toner with high capacity will cost a lot of money, look for a company offering printing services. They value their reputation and use advanced printers.

3. Print In Draft Mode

Not everyone using printers in Croydon is aware of the fact that there are a few printing programs in copiers and printers which can help them save toner and ink. For example, less ink is used when you print a document in the design quality instead of presentation quality. Some of the machines also allow you to test print the documents in lower resolution. The print resolution is reduced by the printer by doing it in the economy mode.

4. Delay Replacement Of Toner And Ink Cartridges

If you have invested in an advanced printer model, you will be given indications when the ink level becomes too low. This does not necessarily mean that you have to change the toner and ink cartridges immediately after getting the first message. The message indicates that the ink level is low but not yet empty so you can wait before replacing it. This does not necessarily mean that you will ignore the message. Utilise the time to buy a new cartridge.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and approach a renowned printing company if you want to keep your printing costs low.