4 Copier Mistakes to Avoid If You Want To Save Money

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Though every company require photocopying services sooner or later, outsourcing the task to a photocopy shop is always a wise decision than purchasing a new copier. Purchasing the wrong photocopy machine will not only waste your money but even your office space. The best alternative is to approach a renowned photocopy shop and they will take care of your printing requirements.

A majority of the shops offering photocopy services in and around Croydon has years of experience in the industry and excels in copying, printing and scanning documents. You can save a lot of money and time as you don’t have to worry about the photocopying process, equipment cost and staffing. Their team also has years of industry presence and are aware of the common mistakes people generally make when choosing photocopy services.

Thinking Of A Photocopy Copier? Avoid These Mistakes and Save Money  

1. Not Considering The Machine’s Colour Capability

The colour copy and print capability differ from one photocopy machine to another. Though you can easily print the pictures using the machine, you might not get the exact colour you want if they are not strategically placed. Whether you should use a black and white copier or one with four colour flexibility is completely dependent on your needs and budget. The cost of a coloured print-out is definitely more than a monochrome copy. If you are making numerous photocopies of the same image, you can choose for both the variety and you will know the difference.

 2. Choosing The Wrong Photocopy Machine

This mistake is generally made by companies who buy photocopy machines for their office instead of outsourcing the task to a reputed photocopy shop. The printing capability of every photocopy machine differs. The cost of high-speed printing equipment is generally more. You need to choose one which matches your printing requirements. Investing in fast equipment is advisable only if your company has huge printing requirements. If you are willing to invest in the right machine, conduct a full analysis of the equipment and its features.

 3. Using More Ink

Almost every photocopy shop in Croydon charges a bit more for coloured print-outs because it includes the cost of the ink and service cost. Photocopy machines with colour printing capability have the tendency to print everything in colour. For example, if you are printing an email, you will notice that even the website link in it is printed in a blue colour. A bit of colour will also be there in the memo template. Though a full-colour the presentation looks great, stay prepared to fill more ink. You will be surprised to know that the cost of a coloured photocopy is almost 10 times more than its black and white counterpart.

 4. Not Choosing The Right Service Provider

With so many photocopy shops scattered all over Croydon, choosing the best among them is indeed a daunting task. The best you can do is to hire someone with years of experience and they will use the best printers so you can get cost-effective printing services. They should also let you choose from single or double-sided templates to suit your design needs. The finishing services should be of the highest standards. Instead of choosing one offering expensive printing services, consider the quality of the printed documents.

These being said, make sure you avoid the mistakes stated above and you can prevent overspending on photocopy services.