5 Types Of Printing Services Offered By Professionals

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Though there are numerous companies offering printing services scattered all over your city, people often have a tough time determining which type of service they need. Two points you should consider are the type of printing material you are choosing and the needs of your business. The focus of every reputed printing company like Expresscopy is on giving your printed materials an elegant feel and distinctive look so you can attract your customer’s attention. The advanced digital technology used in printers ensures speedy delivery.

Few Types Of Professional Printing Services You Can Choose From

1. Embossing

It is a very popular printing service which involves creating a raised image on paper or textile materials. The three-dimensional image renders an unusual look to the printed material. The technique has been used for years for decorative and functional purposes. Though embossed business cards have a higher retention rate, the cost of embossing is quite affordable.

2. Digital Printing

As compared to traditional printing, digital printing is fast and cost-effective. A majority of the photocopying shops prefer using advanced printers. Digital images and files are used for digital printing instead of text and physical paper images. Choose a printing shop producing materials using digital technology and you can keep your printing costs low.

3. Electrostatic Printing

Though electrostatic printing services are not quite common, the process is easy. An electrically charged drum and toner are used for printing instead of ink. The image is formed directly on the surface using electrostatic forces. Talk with printing experts and they will let you know whether electrostatic printing is the right choice for you.

4. Flexography

Though flexography is not as famous as digital printing, it is gradually gaining popularity as they are used for printing on cans and plastic. In fact, it is considered to be an updated version of the letterpress method. It allows for fast and high-quality label printing for various mass-produced goods.


5. Gravure Printing

Gravure Printing is one of the most expensive printing services. They are ideal for printing colour brochures and other materials in large quantities. A rotary printing press is used during gravure printing and is considered to be a high-quality printing method. The images produced are detailed and fine.

Since you are now aware of the common printing methods, it’s time you choose one and visit a reputed printing shop in your city.

5 Reasons Why T-Shirt Printing is Popular

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T-shirts are not only the style statement that you should follow to become a fashion-conscious individual in this modern time; it is also a great way to promote your business, brand and ideas. Yes, we are talking about t-shirt printing. Printed t-shirts with a specific brand name, quotes or logo can be considered as a great way to promote a certain business and ideas to a huge number of people. It can be a great marketing strategy for various industries. This is the reason the demand for t-shirt printing services Croydon has becomes popular in 2020.

Why Printed T-Shirts Are in Trend

Brand Promotion

Put the logo or use the brand name on the t-shirts in a creative way. Nothing can be more attractive and creative than this. The idea is considered as a simple yet powerful method of grabbing the attention of potential customers. People will easily notice your brand name and logo on the t-shirt which makes them popular overnight.

The craze for TV Series and Films

Whether it is Game of Throne or the Big Bang Theory or the Avengers: Endgame – there are fans of these immensely popular shows and movies all over the world. They love to wear t-shirts that have images of their favourite series, films characters and scenes. The production houses often hire printing companies to print t-shirts that contain these images as a part of their post-production promotional strategies.

Improve Customer Loyalty

In this present time of a highly competitive market, it is very difficult to obtain loyal customers, printed t-shirts that can improve customer loyalty. You can arrange events or contests where printed t-shirts will be offered to your loyal customers that will have the logo and the brand name of your business. Your customers will feel special by having such amazing gifts from your company.

Make a Difference

The fashion-conscious population are always ready to welcome something unique and intriguing in the world of fashion. Instead of wearing the same old designs, they would love to wear custom print t-shirts. Some of them even draw the designs on their own and hire the top companies that provide reliable printing services Croydon to get the printing job done. This makes their style statement unique and different from the rest of the world.

No matter what is your motto of having printed t-shirts, Expresscopy is right here to offer you matchless and affordable t-shirt printing services. Please contact us for more details.