Promote Your Christmas Event With Printed Flyers

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If you are planning to organise a special event like a music concert or sale during Christmas, it is your responsibility to make people aware of it. Though there are various ways you can promote your event, the popularity of printed flyers is gradually increasing. They are more cost-effective than other modes of advertising like that you see in newspapers, radio and TV. If you have a small business, promoting your Christmas event through these mediums can become a bit challenging.

Why Choose Expresscopy For Christmas Flyers?

Visit a reputable company like Expresscopy for printing service and they will let you know the various ways you can promote your special event. The personalised Christmas cards and Christmas flyers are more popular and widely preferred by business owners in the UK. They are tried and tested marketing techniques used for years. If you want to try the technique of direct marketing, consider using printed flyers to promote your special event.

Flyer Printing Croydon

3 Benefits Of Using Printed Flyers To Promote Your Christmas Event

1. Reach Your Audience Easily

Want to advertise your Christmas event? A great platform to promote your special event is printed flyers. Choose the right company offering flyer printing services and they will design attractive flyers for your target audience. The flyers can reach them in various ways like newspaper insert, door to door mail drop, in-store distribution or street distribution. It is one of the easiest ways you can promote your event to a specific geographically distributed audience.

2. Explore Your Creative Side

Choose printed flyers to promote your Christmas event and you can use it to explore your creative side. If you want your flyer to stand out, invest in colour flyers printing. Try to highlight the details or main message of your event in a creative way. If you want to convey a message to your target audience, choose A4 or A5 size flyers and print on both sides. A folded finish will make the flyer stand out.

3. Tangible

Many business owners prefer using flyers to promote Christmas events as they are tangible. Your target audience will get to hold the flyer physically which means that half of the message you want to convey to your audience is done. Whether your customers will read the message on the flyer or not is dependent on the design of the flyer and how it is printed. You can convey the right message clearly and easily. If your budget permits, invest in quality print finish.

Since there are so many benefits of using printed flyers to promote your Christmas event, it’s time you get in touch with Expresscopy and get the best flyer printing services at competitive prices.

Know Why Photo Printing Is A Blessing In The Digital Era

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The popularity of photo printing has enhanced drastically in the last few years. Billions of people all over the world are using smartphones. They click almost trillions of pictures every day. The value of a print can never be ignored, especially during the digital age. Since the quality of printed photos is more important than the quantity, make sure you choose a reputed company for photo printing in Croydon. They use the latest inkjet printers with advanced technology.

Photo Printing Is A Part Of Digital Trends

To outshine their peers in the digital age, companies are trying to include photo printing in their digital marketing strategies. With the advancement in technology, the method used in printing shops has enhanced drastically. The number of magazines produced is constant since 2008, so there won’t be a decline in the print media. As far as the publication of books is concerned, the target is on achieving a higher quality print. It is the responsibility of the print shop to select quality paper and printing process.

Printing Is Safer Than Storing Digital Files

The easiest way you can archive your images permanently is by printing them. According to a survey conducted recently, printing images is always a safer option than storing digital files. There is a chance that computers might not be able to read the photos you are clicking today if the digital archives get modernised. Choose a reputed company like Expresscopy for quality photo printing, you can expect high-quality printed photos which can last for years. Printed copies will give you more peace of mind that digital backups.

Showcase Your Art With Quality Photo Printing

Printed photos have a logical side as almost every photo has some emotion in them. The higher the quality of a photo is, it becomes more mesmerising. Holding the finished print is more satisfying than seeing a photo on your mobile. Every tangible printed photo is a permanent product of your hard work. You can frame it, mount it on the wall and display it with pride.

Attract More Customers

Include a few photos in your company brochures and magazines and attracting the attention of potential customers will become easier. Though printing monochrome photos are affordable, colourful images are more attractive. The psychology of colour will have a positive impact on your marketing and branding efforts. It will motivate your customers to engage more actively.

6 Ways Printing Service Can Improve Your Business

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Every smart owner chooses several ways to reach their goals in business. They understand the importance of maintaining a professional appearance to promote brand awareness. Printing plays a vital role in this process. A professional and reliable printing service can make it easier for you to project a perfect image of your brand in front of your customers and potential partners. High-quality printers in Croydon can help you to improve your business to a great extent.

Let’s see how printers or printing experts can influence the appearance of your business.

Most Effective Ways Printing Services Can Help Your Business

1. Attract the Customers

The main reason for using a printing service is to get the attention of potential customers towards a certain product, information, service or brand. High-quality printed ads are able to create a mind-blowing impression among the viewers, and you can attract them easily. Hence, the brand becomes more popular because of printed advertisements.

2. Make Your Brand Stronger

This is the era of the internet, and the power of digital advertisement is huge. However, in this age of the internet, the impact of conventional printed advertisement is still quite significant. It is effective in making your brand stronger than ever. High-quality banners, brochures, posters, visiting cards or corporate calendars can help you to make a strong position for your brand in the current market.

3. Different Types of Products

A professional and experienced printing company will provide you with a wide range of patterns of the printed products. From posters to the banners and from the hoardings to the visiting cards.  You can choose any or all of these types of printing patterns to promote your business and achieve a higher clientele.

4. Save You Time and Money

Though you can hire in-house printing experts and install the best quality printers at your home to save the cost, some printing companies offer their expertise at affordable rates. These companies often offer a number of printing solutions at a reasonable price to the individuals as well as the businesses. You can choose them as per your needs and budget. You should check their reputation and printing qualities before hiring the same. Their professional service can save you time and money.

5. Improve Business Relationship

With the best printing services, you can easily build up a strong relationship with your clients and partners. While you can attract potential partners by presenting eye-catchy printing solutions, you can also improve your business relationship with your existing clients and partners. Your printed ads will make people believe in your company, vision and goals. Hence, they would prefer to trust your brand more than ever.

6. Get More Visibility

For a business, nothing is more crucial than getting maximum visibility. A professional and top-quality printing solution can help you in this matter. You can achieve more visibility because printed advertisements can reach to more people than the other mediums. People can see the banners, posters or the hoardings and the brochures everywhere in the city which grab their attention and they want to know more about your business.

Expresscopy is a leading brand of printing services in Croydon. We are involved in conventional as well as digital printing. Please give us a call to know in detail about our services and rates.

5 Effective Tips To Minimise The Cost Of Printing Services

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One of the primary reasons why your printing cost might sometimes exceed your expectations is because the price of printer ink is more than good wine. According to a survey conducted a few years back, an average office prints around 10000 sheets of paper every year. The first thing you should do if you want to minimise your printing cost is to outsource it to a reputed company. They have printing experts who will understand your needs and share a few tips so you can save money on printing.

Want To Minimise The Cost Of Printing Services In Croydon? Few Tips For You

1. Print On Both The Sides

A majority of the advanced printers allow you to print on either side of the paper. Set the printer mode to double-sided printing or duplexing. Do it and you can reduce your paper usage by almost half. Though you can teach your employees to select two-sided printing (in the print dialogue box) while printing a document, teaching them the process will become too time-consuming. If the printer you are using doesn’t have the two-side option, buy an advanced model or outsource your printing services to a reputable company.

2. Reduce Document Margins

One of the primary benefits of reducing the document margins before printing them is that you can put more text on every page. The space on the edges of the paper are generally left vacant so keeping less space is highly advisable if you want to save paper. If you are using Microsoft Word, go to the Layout tab and change the document margins. If you are using Apple’s Pages, you can find it on the Document tab.

3. Choose Light Weight Paper For Daily Printing

Companies offering printing services in Croydon generally suggest their customers use lightweight paper for daily printing as heavier and brighter stuff is more expensive. Four common criteria on which you can upgrade the printing paper are how heavy the paper is, whether it is translucent when held against the light, the amount of light it is reflecting which depends on how white the paper is and how smooth does the paper feel.

4. Print Two Copies On One Page

A majority of the modern printers doubles as a copier nowadays. If you want to shrink the copy and print two copies on one page, utilise the image reduction feature. This task should be undertaken by someone with years of experience in offering printing services as they know how much reduction an image needs so that you can put more than one copy on a single page.

5. Use Less Paper During Meeting

If it is not possible to make your official meetings paperless, you can definitely use less paper during meetings. Avoid printing the agenda unless it is very necessary. The best alternative is to circulate them electronically and store them on the server.

Time to follow the tips stated above and minimising the cost of your printing services will become easier.

How To Select Commercial Printing Services For Your Business Needs?

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Businesses depend on several technologies, processes and services. Document printing, photocopying, scanning and several other tasks determine the operations and functionalities of your venture. And, the best way to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors is by seeking professional printing services in Croydon.

No matter how small or big your company is, partnering with a top commercial printer is a prime requisite. You need to invest time and effort into choosing the right commercial printer so that you can stand out in the marketplace. This is important, especially for smaller brands, which wish to be seen, heard and make a place for themselves. Your marketing collateral will leave a positive impression on your business prospects and it pays to get it right.

Check out the handy guide below to know more about selecting the right printer.

Why Should You Seek Professional Assistance?

A majority of large-scale companies and ventures rely on in-house processes and systems. But, in most cases, your employees might not have the expertise and efficiency required for offering desired results. It is here that commercial printers can come to your rescue. With their extensive knowledge of unsurpassed efficiency, print processes and vast experience, printers can provide useful support at every stage.

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Choosing The Best Commercial Printer

1. Assess Track Record

One of the foremost considerations to keep in mind is checking their track record. This is because; outstanding document scanning, photocopying and printing requires expertise and knowledge. So, while making a choice, check if the company has a proven record of offering commercial printing services. Taking a look at their track record will help you understand their work process.

2. Inquire About The Work Process

Commercial printers abide by an intensive and hardcore process. Quite naturally, this leads to the successful execution of these projects. Their ideas of imaging colour, designs, imaging and impressions play a vital role in the entire project. Try following their work process and then see what works best for you. Remember; even if your chosen partners might have the best technologies and processes in place, they won’t be useful if they can’t meet your needs.

3. Take Smart Actions

Does the printer you are planning to hire help customers work in a faster, better and smarter way? Well, if the answer is yes, consider seeking printing services in Croydon from them. Big companies and large-scale ventures need to execute innumerable projects within the stipulated deadlines. So, they require a printer who can cater to their bulk requirements and ensure timely delivery.

4. Check Customer Service

Another vital aspect to keep in mind is by checking their customer service. You should never associate with a printer which has a track record of poor customer service. Search for companies which provide exceptional support and great customer assistance. When it comes to choosing a printing company, this is of utmost significance!

Keep the above factors in mind and choose the best printing company for your business needs!

Keep Your Printing Costs Low With 4 Easy Tips

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One of the main reasons why people still prefer printed documents in today’s world of smartphones and computers is that the former is easier to read than the content available on the screen. It is not just around reading but people can even edit, correct and mark information easily on paper. No wonder, printed documents are still being widely used by business owners for marketing their brand.

If you are also willing to include them in your marketing strategies but have not yet approached a printing agency just because you think that the service is too expensive, it is time to think again. Not only are there numerous companies in Croydon offering printing services at competitive prices but you can also follow a few easy tips to keep your printing costs low.

Need Printing Services In Croydon? Few Tips To Keep The Cost Low

1. Print Only What’s Required

The easiest way to keep your printing costs low is by printing only what’s necessary. For example, if you are planning to print some legal documents, first check the modalities and legal retention periods for the tax-relevant documents. If you are planning to print all the tax documents and file them as a necessary precaution, ask the company offering printing services in Croydon whether they can give you special discounts for bulk printing.

2. Invest In Right Cartridges And Toners

Though printer cartridges and toners are available in various versions, it is your responsibility to invest in the right model if you want to keep your printing costs low. Though the XL and HC ink variants are a bit expensive, they help a great deal in reducing printing costs per page. If you feel that buying printer cartridges and toner with high capacity will cost a lot of money, look for a company offering printing services. They value their reputation and use advanced printers.

3. Print In Draft Mode

Not everyone using printers in Croydon is aware of the fact that there are a few printing programs in copiers and printers which can help them save toner and ink. For example, less ink is used when you print a document in the design quality instead of presentation quality. Some of the machines also allow you to test print the documents in lower resolution. The print resolution is reduced by the printer by doing it in the economy mode.

4. Delay Replacement Of Toner And Ink Cartridges

If you have invested in an advanced printer model, you will be given indications when the ink level becomes too low. This does not necessarily mean that you have to change the toner and ink cartridges immediately after getting the first message. The message indicates that the ink level is low but not yet empty so you can wait before replacing it. This does not necessarily mean that you will ignore the message. Utilise the time to buy a new cartridge.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and approach a renowned printing company if you want to keep your printing costs low.