Know Why Photo Printing Is A Blessing In The Digital Era

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The popularity of photo printing has enhanced drastically in the last few years. Billions of people all over the world are using smartphones. They click almost trillions of pictures every day. The value of a print can never be ignored, especially during the digital age. Since the quality of printed photos is more important than the quantity, make sure you choose a reputed company for photo printing in Croydon. They use the latest inkjet printers with advanced technology.

Photo Printing Is A Part Of Digital Trends

To outshine their peers in the digital age, companies are trying to include photo printing in their digital marketing strategies. With the advancement in technology, the method used in printing shops has enhanced drastically. The number of magazines produced is constant since 2008, so there won’t be a decline in the print media. As far as the publication of books is concerned, the target is on achieving a higher quality print. It is the responsibility of the print shop to select quality paper and printing process.

Printing Is Safer Than Storing Digital Files

The easiest way you can archive your images permanently is by printing them. According to a survey conducted recently, printing images is always a safer option than storing digital files. There is a chance that computers might not be able to read the photos you are clicking today if the digital archives get modernised. Choose a reputed company like Expresscopy for quality photo printing, you can expect high-quality printed photos which can last for years. Printed copies will give you more peace of mind that digital backups.

Showcase Your Art With Quality Photo Printing

Printed photos have a logical side as almost every photo has some emotion in them. The higher the quality of a photo is, it becomes more mesmerising. Holding the finished print is more satisfying than seeing a photo on your mobile. Every tangible printed photo is a permanent product of your hard work. You can frame it, mount it on the wall and display it with pride.

Attract More Customers

Include a few photos in your company brochures and magazines and attracting the attention of potential customers will become easier. Though printing monochrome photos are affordable, colourful images are more attractive. The psychology of colour will have a positive impact on your marketing and branding efforts. It will motivate your customers to engage more actively.

5 Effective Tips To Minimise The Cost Of Printing Services

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One of the primary reasons why your printing cost might sometimes exceed your expectations is because the price of printer ink is more than good wine. According to a survey conducted a few years back, an average office prints around 10000 sheets of paper every year. The first thing you should do if you want to minimise your printing cost is to outsource it to a reputed company. They have printing experts who will understand your needs and share a few tips so you can save money on printing.

Want To Minimise The Cost Of Printing Services In Croydon? Few Tips For You

1. Print On Both The Sides

A majority of the advanced printers allow you to print on either side of the paper. Set the printer mode to double-sided printing or duplexing. Do it and you can reduce your paper usage by almost half. Though you can teach your employees to select two-sided printing (in the print dialogue box) while printing a document, teaching them the process will become too time-consuming. If the printer you are using doesn’t have the two-side option, buy an advanced model or outsource your printing services to a reputable company.

2. Reduce Document Margins

One of the primary benefits of reducing the document margins before printing them is that you can put more text on every page. The space on the edges of the paper are generally left vacant so keeping less space is highly advisable if you want to save paper. If you are using Microsoft Word, go to the Layout tab and change the document margins. If you are using Apple’s Pages, you can find it on the Document tab.

3. Choose Light Weight Paper For Daily Printing

Companies offering printing services in Croydon generally suggest their customers use lightweight paper for daily printing as heavier and brighter stuff is more expensive. Four common criteria on which you can upgrade the printing paper are how heavy the paper is, whether it is translucent when held against the light, the amount of light it is reflecting which depends on how white the paper is and how smooth does the paper feel.

4. Print Two Copies On One Page

A majority of the modern printers doubles as a copier nowadays. If you want to shrink the copy and print two copies on one page, utilise the image reduction feature. This task should be undertaken by someone with years of experience in offering printing services as they know how much reduction an image needs so that you can put more than one copy on a single page.

5. Use Less Paper During Meeting

If it is not possible to make your official meetings paperless, you can definitely use less paper during meetings. Avoid printing the agenda unless it is very necessary. The best alternative is to circulate them electronically and store them on the server.

Time to follow the tips stated above and minimising the cost of your printing services will become easier.

Why Is Flyer Printing An Effective Way To Promote Special Events?

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Do you have a special corporate event coming up? Looking for cost-effective ways to make people aware of the event you are organising? Flyer distribution, one of the oldest methods of direct marketing can be your most effective tool. Wondering why use flyers to promote your upcoming event? Well, using quality flyer printing in Croydon is a great way to advertise within a limited budget and simultaneously generate real results.

Even in this age of digitalisation, flyer distribution works effectively for businesses of all sizes. While it’s true that social media marketing and emails have become an important part of marketing strategies nowadays, there’s nothing more effective than flyer distribution off the road. With high-quality flyers, you can easily create awareness in the community which is directly impacted by your event. What makes flyers a top advertising tool is that they are the most reasonable priced adverting tool.

Listed below are a few good reasons to use flyers to promote a special event.

4 Good Reasons To Use Flyer Printing In Croydon For The Promotion Of A Special Event

1. Target Your Audience

One of the major reasons why you should choose flyers, is that it helps you target your audience. Flyers are one of the most effective ways to advertise your special events and reach the targeted audience. Owing to their easy distribution ways, these can be an effective way to advertise your upcoming events to a particular group of audience. Flyers can even be the best advertising tool to reach a particular geographically distributed audience.

2. Cost-Effective

Flyer printing can be cost-effective especially for small businesses owners and start-ups in this struggling economy. Advertising about your special event through radio commercials, television commercials or newspaper ads can be very expensive. In contrast, printing flyers like pamphlets and leaflets is very inexpensive. With a minimum expense, you can easily make a professional-looking flyer and grab the attention of your customers very effectively.

3. Creative Liberty

One of the greatest reasons why you should use flyers is that it allows you to be as creative as you want in envisioning and designing flyers. Using colour flyer printing in Croydon allow you to stand out from the rest, grab the attention of your target audience as well as highlight your message to let people know about your event. Most flyers will tend to be either A4 or A5, printed on both sides, this allowing you to have extra space for sending the message.

4. Tangibility

Another major reason why you should consider using flyers for creating awareness about your special event is its tangible nature. During distribution, if your targeted audience takes the pamphlets or leaflets and holds them, you have reached half of your objective. The other half of taking action depends on numerous factors like – flyer design, printing and finishing quality. Ensure you a printing company which can cater to your specifications in terms of the print quality.

Quickly approach a reputed printing company and get attractive flyers printed for your upcoming event!